Toyo Open Country RT Review

They’re relatively new on the market, so we wanted to do a quick review on the new Toyo Open Country RT tire series. Toyo tires have become extremely popular as of late. It started with the pickup truck crowd, but a lot of Jeepers are switching to Toyos as well. In the past the Open Country line has consisted of two choices—an aggressive MT or mud terrain tire and a less intimidating AT or all terrain tire.

Typically when choosing between an all terrain tire or a mud terrain tire you have to weigh the pros and cons of each. Mud terrain tires obviously perform well in mud, snow and other off road applications. The downside is they’re noisy on the highway, tend to have a shorter lifespan and don’t do well in wet road driving conditions.

All terrain tires are usually the mirror opposite of mudders. They’re well mannered and relatively quiet for on road driving, just not quite as aggressive as most would like for off road driving.

For those of you caught hopelessly in the middle of this tire manufacturer’s no man’s land, Toyo’s new Open Country RT may be just the thing. The RT or rugged terrain model is a good blend of aggressive off road design with street capable performance characteristics. Underneath the gnarly tread pattern is a 3-ply polyester casing that not only increases tire life, it improves handling, load capacity and even performance at aired down PSI’s. Where the rubber meets the road the Toyo RT has a mud-worthy design that incorporates meaty shoulder lugs and wide shoulder grooves to channel out mud and snow.

As with all Toyo tires, the Open Country RT is proudly made in the USA. They also feature a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty in addition to their limited manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on the Toyo Open Country RT visit the Toyo Website.

For pricing and purchase information on the Toyo Open Country RT visit

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